3D Animal Kingdom Touch Sensor Night Light

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Having trouble finding the perfect night lamp for your kid’s bedroom? The animal kingdom night lamp has all the goodies you’re looking for. This charming night lamp will surely turn out to be the best gift for your kids. Keeping the spirit of nature and animals alive, the lamp packs in a lot of design features to bring joy to your kid. Firstly, the eye catching graphics of different animals is truly delightful. May it be the king of the jungle, the mighty elephant or the tall giraffe, they’re all there. The use of bold shapes and colors gives it a contemporary feel. The animals stand in front of a beautiful landscape containing mountains, trees and all sorts of things that kids enjoy looking at. The lamp is made of a combination of polypropylene and ABS, making it sturdy and durable. Additional non-slip pads at the base give it more stability. A vibration sensor allows you to choose from two brightness levels. A USB charging cable makes it easier for you to charge the lamp anywhere, giving you more freedom of use. The most striking feature is the foldable hook located at the bottom. This transforms it into a magical hanging lamp. You can use the hook to hang it by the porch, hallway or the staircase. The animal kingdom night lamp is truly a kid’s friend, which helps them get the much needed shut eye.

  • White
Light Color:
  • Yellow

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