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Most science fairs have this pin art toy and it never fails to amaze people. Something straight out of a sci-fi movies, this pin art toy lets you make your imagination run wild. The toy uses simple physics to create a splendid effect. All you have to do is press your hand or any other object on one side and voila! You’ve just created your own embossed pin art. The pins are made of ABS acrylic and made for an ideal surface that is comfortable to touch. The pins are separated by a very small distance, giving it more surface to copy the impression. It does a pretty good job at capturing the slightest of details like hand gestures. This is a fun way to indulge your kids into some cool mechanics and building an interest to explore different possibilities. The toy comes in a vibrant blue color with smoothened pins so as to make it kids friendly! The frame will help preserve the pattern between a transparent acrylic sheets, also giving it extra support at the bottom. The pin pattern toy is a good option to decorate your study desk or work desk at office.

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