5 Piece Bento Game Lunch Box

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Lunchboxes take you back to childhood when the excitement of opening it and enjoying your favorite meal was too much! It almost feels like opening a box of presents, except this one is filled with delicious food. This game box is designed like a retro Gameboy and does a pretty good job at staying true to the original. The box itself is airtight and leak-proof which makes it an ideal container to carry all sorts of meals. It is made of durable plastic and can be used for daily use. Apart from the exterior, the game box has 3 compartments with separate containers that make it easy to separate food. You can use it for carrying rice, pasta, salads and much more. The box also comes with its own set of cutlery. A durable plastic spoon and fork makes eating at school, college or at work pretty easy. Covered in white with the face having a screen sticker, arrow keys and the four colored buttons. The retro designed lunchbox is dishwasher and microwave friendly, so you can heat food and wash the box without much hassle. This trendy lunchbox will surely please the kids and the compact design can sneak into your daily work routine.

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