Aqua Globes Plant Watering Glass Bulb Set of 2

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The mini watering glass globe takes the exquisite craftsmanship of a glass maker and combines it with an ingenious way to water your plants. Water bulbs are widely used because of the amount of water and money they help you save. All you have to do is place the thin end of the bulb into the soil and the rest is taken care of. The blown glass bulb is a brilliant example of skill as it mixes multicolored swirl patterns into stained glass. The bulbs can easily fit into your drawer or bag in case you feel like taking it with you on a journey. Small plants require proper nourishment and moisture in their growth phase and the bulb is an ideal way to water them. A full bulb will last you for 2 weeks, long enough to not worry about watering your plants regularly. When handled carefully, the bulb is easy to clean. The water bulb also produces a mesmerizing glow when sunlight hits the stained glass. This is a fun way for parents to teach their kids about a small useful habit. When small plants get the attention they deserve, they grow to their full potential. May it be an office, home or school, the glass water bulb will be your plant’s favorite companion!
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