Avengers Bodybuilding Ceramic Cup

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This stylish mug is the perfect one if you like experimenting with something unique and creative while you enjoy your favorite beverage. The Hulk mug captures all the traits of the strongest avengers. The mug stands out from the boring ones because the handle is made to look like arms. The porcelain mug looks like a superhero itself because of its strong arms. The arms are carefully sculpted to bring out the details of ripped muscle. Painted completely black, the mug does a good job at getting some attention. Often, starting a long day can be a difficult task and of course maintaining the energy throughout the day. The hulk mug will surely help you with that by putting a big smile on your face and motivating you to push through! So, let the hulk mug transfer the power to your body in the form of your favorite tea or coffee. It is undoubtedly a good gift for the ones you love and care for!


Type: Coffee Tea Mugs

Style: Bodybuilding Avenger

Color: Black

Volume: 300ml

Material: Ceramic

Product Dimension: Height: 9.5cm, Top Diameter: 8cm, Bottom Diameter: 8cm, Length with Handle: 20cm

Package Includes: 1 x Avenger Bodybuilding Hulk Mug

  • Black
  • Ceramic

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