Creative Ways to Make this Propose Day Memorable

Is someone the reason for the butterflies in your gut and have you been patiently waiting to express your feelings to them? Or are you willing to take the plunge into something everlasting with your lover? If yes, then Propose Day is the best day to say the words that you have suppressed inside you for long! It falls on the 8th Of February and is the second day of the famous Valentine’s Week. It is celebrated next in line, after Rose Day. Deciding if you want to propose to someone is not what the fuss is about. In fact, it is the details of the location and the manner in which you want to propose that pushes men into a state of frenzy! We have come up with 5 of the most loved and innovative ideas to drop the question:

How to Make your Propose Day Memorable?


  1. Personalised Treasure Hunt:


If you and your partner love playing games and keeping the fun element alive in your relationship, this can prove to be the best proposal day ideas for you! Plan a treasure hunt for your partner in such a way that the last clue leads her to you sitting on your knees ready to pop the question!


  1. On a Radio Show

    One of the prerequisites of going for this method is that you have to have the courage to express your feelings in front of a wide audience on Propose Day. Ask her to tune in to the radio station beforehand, without spoiling the surprise element. You can talk about your feeling for her or why you want to spend your life with her, followed by one of her favourite songs.


  1. On a candlelight dinner


No matter how cliche it sounds, there is something magical about you sitting across the table from your partner staring into their eyes while you share some fine wine and good food. Make a reservation at the fanciest place in town, rehearse your script, spray on the cologne she loves and you are good to go!


  1. Write something for her on Propose Day


We are living in the world of Instant Messaging and Mobile Apps dominating the service industry. In this situation, there is nothing as special as a handwritten note or a poem. You don’t have to be a creative writer to pen something down! All you need to be is in love and the propose day messages will come flowing out when you sit with a piece of paper and a pen. Ditch e-mails or texts, let the old-world charm of a handwritten note blow her away!


  1. Public Proposal with a Gift

This one is not for the introverts and the faint-hearted! Read more only if you want to plan something spectacular and pull off a public proposal on this Propose Day. Take your partner to their favourite place and spend some quality time. Towards the end, give them the sweetest surprise of their lives by dropping the question. You can go all out and showcase it on a screen (if the location allows) or have some live music played in the background. This will be a moment both of you will cherish for the rest of your lives. You can Get best gift ideas Here!

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Creative Ways to Make this Propose Day Memorable

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