Myths about the electric blanket debunked

It’s mind-blowing to think about the multitude of animals that exist in this world.

Electric blanket, as a mechanical utility, has been there in the market for quite some time now. While many people prefer this blanket instead of the old traditional one, some also argue that there are adverse side-effects to this product.

Here are some of the myths about the electric blanket that we come across.

  1. One widely circulating myth is that the blanket somehow causes breast cancer in women. Claims about the blanket been a cause of breast cancer has been there since its invention. But there are no conclusive studies proving this statement. Of the many studies that were conducted about the blanket’s creation of an electromagnetic field and cancer risk, there have been risks found that links these two together.
  2. It is also widely debated that since it uses electricity for heating purpose, it must be harmful to be used on the body. Contrary to this belief, the electric blanket actually serves not just as a heat generating agent but is also most effective in dealing with other kinds of bodily troubles. Right from healing allergies to post-polio syndrome, providing relief for people suffering from muscles soreness, back pain, it is also a great product to be used by the ones suffering from arthritis and sleep deprivation. It basically works on a simple principle that heating heals body faster, compared to any other treatment.
  3. Electricity costs are a concern to every family in the modern world. Everyone in today’s world wants to opt for energy efficient and eco-friendly things to use. On this front, many of the skeptics of the electric blanket hold the belief that it is not energy efficient. The electric blanket can actually pay for itself in less than a few months by helping you cut down your heating cost considerably. By turning down your heater or thermostat at night and using the electric blanket to keep yourself warm, you can save up on a lot of energy along with your hard earned money.
  4. Some people hold the view that since the electric blanket uses electricity, it will give you a zap if you drop water or liquid on it. This is absolutely bogus as far as the blanket is concerned. However, it is a good idea to turn off the blanket, let it dry before you use it again. You can always get rid of this ordeal of having to dry it before use, by buying a blanket which has a water resistant membrane on it.

Perfect for all ages and the best for old-age people, buy the electric blanket in India today.

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Myths about the electric blanket debunked

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