Plan Valentine Week for your Beloved

Things to do in this Valentine Week

We are soon going to step into February, the month of celebrating love and togetherness. All of you must be very excited to make Valentine’s Day and the rest of the week a special and unforgettable experience for your partner. Just like the talked about Valentine’s Day on 14th February, the other days can be made equally romantic too. For all the love bugs out there, this is the chance to make each moment count and make this week truly a magnificent one! We don’t want the pressure of getting perfect presents to overwhelm and haunt you. This is why we are going to help you out in planning a perfect valentine week for you and your sweetheart.

February 7, Rose Day – First Day of Valentine Week

Red Roses are considered to be the symbol of love and passion, making it the perfect start to Valentine’s week. You can present a huge bouquet of roses to make your loved one feel like they are on the 9th cloud. However, If you don’t want to drill a hole in your pocket, you can gift a single one red rose. This would be more than enough to sweep your beloved off their feet. You don’t have to be with someone to give them a rose! If you have meant to express to someone how they are special to you and mean to you more than a friend does, Rose Day could be the perfect day for opening up your heart! You can be extra and add a handwritten note or love letter to the package of flowers as well!

February 8, Propose Day

It is a commonplace knowledge that this is one of the perfect days to propose to your sweetheart. A Red rose shaped ring box or a message in a glass bottle will do wonders! In case you have tied the knot already, you can confess your love for your partner in a special manner or you could just renew your vows. If you are unable to think of anything else for the valentine week, make a reservation at the fanciest place you both love and make it a romantic candlelight dinner date. No matter how cliche, candlelight dinners never cease to be magical. You can go over the top by getting the restaurant to play your sweetheart’s favourite song, or by getting some champagne or cake.

February 9, Chocolate Day

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” said Jo Brand and boy was she right! Chocolates add a fresh whisk of love to the air during the famous Valentine’s week. You can go the extra mile and indulge in some baking rather than gifting a chocolate box to your darling on world chocolate day! Love and chocolate is a match made in heaven, so lure your partner through a sinful dessert and savour each other. Rather than gifting ordinary chocolates, go for chocolate bouquets or bunches that are the latest trend nowadays.

February 10, Teddy Day

It is stereotypical to say that women love teddy bears? The teddy bear can always be a replacement for you in case she misses you. Teddy bears are the zenith of affection, pampering, and attachment. You can express your unconditional love to your significant other by gifting them a life-size teddy in the valentine week. In case you are tight in the pockets, a small handy teddy will be equally special.The stuffed toy will always remind her of your love and care.

February 11, Promise Day

What even is a relationship without a promise? On Promise Day, make a new promise to your loved one. However, it is advisable not to get overwhelmed and make a promise that you will not be able to keep. If you envision a future with your loved one, you should make a heartfelt promise to be by his/her side always. You can take your sweetheart to show them a magnificent view of the sunset and indulge at the moment. Make sure to look into their eyes and make a meaningful promise that you’re going to keep for the entirety of your lives. You can always accompany your gift with a greeting card, a crystal table top, a personalized gift or something similar!

February 12, Hug Day

It has been scientifically proven that hugging someone for more than 20 seconds releases hormones that make you feel better! And what can be better than a long embrace of love with your special one? Some actions can express your emotions better than any words can. Whether it’s spontaneous or planned, an embrace of love can make everything right. Both of you should take some time out of your busy schedules and spend some time alone in the valentine week. You can also gift each other presents of cute hugging teddy couples, hugging couple figurines, a greeting card of Hug Day and more.

February 13, Kiss Day

After hugging, kissing is the next obvious but big step in any relationship! It signifies that you are taking your intimacy to the next level! Spend some cozy time in bed together doing Netflix and Chill, and steal a kiss when the moment is right! You could also go out and steal a kiss in public if PDA is your thing! You can accompany your sweet acts with a Kiss Day greeting card, kissing figurine or even a lip shape cushion.

February 14, Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is what the valentine week of quirk gifts and mushy messages comes down to! On the 14th February is when you should be extra romantic and lovable to your partner by surprising them with the best material and immaterial gifts that they deserve! You can go all out by taking them out to spend a cozy night at a BnB or a short road trip, or do something like a romantic candlelight dinner! If you are the stay at home type’s, you can rent a romantic movie, buy some fine wine, order Chinese and cuddle on the couch till you fall asleep together.

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Plan Valentine Week for your Beloved

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