Looking for the Perfect Gifting Idea This Raksha Bandhan?

What to gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan?

Brother-sister relationships are notorious for fighting over the smallest of things-  who gets the possession of the Remote control, who switches off the lights at night and who gets the last piece of chocolate. Siblings are always on the top of our enemy radar, and almost always make our blood boil except for a couple of situations. The first one being when either of you needs a favour from the other one or when you need some cash! However, there is one day when you let go of all your differences and celebrate the bond that you share. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the 7th August all over the country in different ways. Sisters tie rakhis on their brother’s wrists who promise to always love and take care of their sister. Today, beyond its sentimental significance, the festival has become about giving your sister the best gifts and exchanging rakhi wishes! Brothers find themselves perplexed trying to narrow down on the perfect gift for their sweet sisters! They often seek help from their mothers and girlfriends in the same! Worry not!

We have tried to compile some of the most tried and tested gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan to help you:

Chocolates/Sweets: I know you must be thinking that gifting chocolates is the most run-of-the-mill idea that we could have come up with! However, we believe that no gift is ever complete without chocolates! You could always couple your gift with her favourite packaging of chocolates. If you want to opt for something unique, you could gift her a chocolate bouquet (they are becoming increasingly popular these days) or chocolate covered roses. You can also go for a customised Nutella Jar with her name on the bottle. This will make her happy and also make sure that she doesn’t prey on your bottle. Spread sweetness and love this Raksha Bandhan by gifting your sister something to get sugar high on! Along with this, you can play Raksha Bandhan songs.

2. Jewellery: A girl can never have enough jewellery. Women love jewellery because it has high utility, looks beautiful and is long-lasting! There is a myriad of options available if you are considering jewellery as a gift option. You could go for earrings, nose pins, lockets, necklaces, rings, jhumkis, bracelets and more. You could go for a branded piece, in case your budget allows or you could pick something of decent quality online. Gifting her fashion jewellery would ensure you get control of the remote for at least a couple of weeks following Raksha Bandhan.

3. Beauty Products: There is always a body lotion, scrub or wash that she is eyeing but is not buying because she know its an unnecessary splurge! This is where you act as her Genie and buy her a beauty product that has been on her wish list since a long time! A great idea could be to get her a readymade beauty kit such as the ones available at The Body Shop. You can also buy her a Nail Manicure or a Nail Art Kit so that she doesn’t have to shell out all that extra money on getting her nails done! If she is a makeup fanatic, you could always gift her a lip shade or the latest eyeshadow palette in the market! Brands like Maybelline, Lakme have come up with Make-Up Kits that consist of all the basic daily makeup necessities and act as the perfect gifting material. We can guarantee the broadest smile on her face when she will unwrap a present to find beauty products inside!

4. Footwear: Women love footwear and there is never a limit to the number of shoes they own or wish to own. There are a number of footwear categories that you could choose from: Pumps, ballerinas, stilettos, wedges, boots, flats, sneakers and so on! You should know the category your sister loves to wear the most and pick up something of her liking! If she is the sporty kinds, you could gift her white or metallic grey sneakers.If she is someone with a huge heel collection, you can gift her stilettos of a colour that she doesn’t own already! You could plan a visit to the nearest mall and pick up a branded pair of shoes if it is not too heavy on your pocket or you could always order something online since they have amazing discounts and offers going on throughout the year. If you remember your sister eyeing a pair of shoes and never purchasing them at a store, go pick them up right away for Raksha Bandhan! This will surely make her happy for days to come!

5. Bags/Wallets: Bags have various types and various purposes. They are extremely useful as well as fashionable. You could go for a tote bag, sling bag,clutch, messenger bag, handbag or a hobo bag depending on the size requirement of your sister. You could also gift her a pretty wallet or a coin purse. If she is going to college, a tote bag or a fashionable leather backpack would be the best buy since they are pretty spacious and have the capacity to hold various things! Otherwise, a sling bag with a chain strap is a tried and tested item that you could gift too! You can gift her bags in conventional colours like black, tan, grey or white or go for something unique which could be patterned, colour blocked or of a different colour like blue, pink, etc. For leather bags, you can head straight to the malls or street markets that have specialised leather shops! However, buying bags online is the best option because of the large number of choices to choose from and throwaway prices that some brands offer!

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Looking for the Perfect Gifting Idea This Raksha Bandhan?

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