Types Of Men’s Underwear That You Should Know About

Men’s underwear in the modern world has become more than just a basic necessity. The explosion in popularity of men’s underwear has without doubt caused a whole array of styles to be created. Here is a guide to what’s on offer and the benefits and downsides of each style.

Boxer Shorts

This is quite possibly the most well-known of the men’s pants, the boxer shorts. The boxer shorts were invented somewhere around 1920s for boxers. They, however, only became popular with the public 20 years after their introduction to the market. They are characterized by their elastic waist and baggy leg, which stops above the knee. This traditionally allowed boxers wearing them to have unlimited movement in the ring. Their popularity throughout the 20th century ultimately led to the boxer shorts popularity remaining consistent up until relatively recently.


More commonly called Y-fronts in the United Kingdom, they were first sold in the USA during the 1930s. They proved a huge sales success on both sides of the Atlantic, giving the baggier boxer shorts a run for their money. Briefs were especially popular with the men of a sporting persuasion. Briefs are tighter and made of elastic material and have little room except for the extra material in the front for the bulge.


Another type of really supportive underwear for men which is tighter than the brief is the jockstrap. Specifically designed to cup male genitals preventing them from movement during sport, a jockstrap consists of three pieces of tight elastic, one for round the waist and two that go under the buttocks. They all connect to a pouch sometimes made of protective material at the front for the genitals to sit in, thus leaving the buttocks exposed.

Boxer Brief

One of the biggest spin offs of the traditional boxer is the boxer brief, which is a combination of the two best sellers in the underwear industry of men. They offer the best of both worlds, the longer leg of the boxer and the supportive tight fitting nature of the brief.


These type are for the daring ones, who dress to impress right down to their underwear. It is simply a couple of straps that go under the groin and over the shoulders like braces.

There is a world of choices available to you when it comes to buying an underwear. So, it is the best option to browse the internet for men’s underwear online in India, and look through the exciting styles that you think would suit you the best.

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Types Of Men’s Underwear That You Should Know About

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