Kiwi Fruit Sponge Pillow Cushion

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Pillows are an integral part of a house decor and finding ones which are not only pretty, but also comfortable is difficult. Many a times, you’ll find pillows with the same boring shape and color scheme, but not these. These geeky fruit pillows are in a league of their own. Shaped like slices of fruits, the pillows look pretty similar to the real thing. It can easily be mistaken for a big juicy slice of your favorite fruit. The use of eye popping colors makes the ‘slices’ look fresh out of a tree. Also, a 3D realistic print gives it the depth for an authentic look. Perfectly comfortable to sit on because of its shape and width. These plush pillows are made of high density sponge which retains its shape for a long time. The zippers of the pillow cover are hidden and this gives it a seamless look. You can easily remove the cover for a quick wash too. In all, this is the perfect pillow for a long journey or just as a gift to your loved ones!

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