Cute Dog Wallpaper Night Lamp

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Refurbishing your house or office space for a more chilled out look? Look no further. The puppy wallpaper sticker is exactly the thing for you. The special thing about the puppy is that its face lights up as and when you like! A round lamp with two eyes and a stout little nose, the sticker is a modern take on the conventional wall lamp. The puppy sticker is made to look pretty realistic. May it be the shadows or the highlights, the 3D puppy will stare at you in patience. The sticker is easy to stick and use, thus saving you a lot of expenses, unwanted mess and time! The lamp comes with a hook at the back which allows you to hand it anywhere on a wall or a door. For added fun, an extra sticker of a bone in a thought cloud is included. Stick it above the dog and enjoy looking at him while he thinks of food! The wire for the wall lamp is smartly placed to look like a leash. Overall, the puppy wall sticker lamp is a unique addition to your home or office decor. The elegant design is not tacky or distracting either. Kids will especially love it as they can enjoy a good night sleep under the balanced light from their favorite puppy lamp!

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