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A deer with long and wide antlers is one of the most majestic sights you get to see in the animal kingdom. The look of peace and grace on its face is a sign as to how much the antlers add to its pride. Similarly, this deer accessory organizing tray is as graceful as its real counterpart. A boon for girls and women, the deer tray is a one stop solution for organizing your jewelry and accessories. Since fashion comes in all shapes and sizes, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of space and time it requires to set it all up. The antlers on the deer are the perfect place to keep your earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. Multiple branches give you the freedom to hang your accessories in a neater and systematic way. The deer sits on a tray which you can use to place and store your makeup or perfumes. What makes it more appealing is that it is completely black and this makes all the things hanging on it pop out. Black provides an ideal background for you to select your colored jewelry. The whole piece is made out of ABS plastic which is very durable. The deer antler organizer will bring new life to your dressing table and will cut your dressing time in half without a doubt!

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