Defuseable Bomb Alarm Clock

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Have you ever experienced a thrill equivalent to diffusing a ticking bomb? If 'cool' is something you're looking for, then this time bomb alarm clock is likely to please you. A design which is less likely to be seen and is very contemporary. This time bomb alarm clock looks like it has been taken out of a high intensity action movie! The makers have mimicked every detail of this alarm and also restored its basic purpose at the same time. The time bomb alarm clock shows you the time in a 24 hour format on a decent red display light panel. The circuit is very realistic and so are the dynamite sticks. The clock does a countdown of 10 seconds before 'exploding' into a cacophony of beeping sounds and flashing light. The panel consists of many components like LEDs, resistors, capacitors and many more. It surely is an alarm which will 'blow your mind'! To serve its purpose regularly and efficiently, the clock comes with a USB rechargeable battery. A very convenient way to charge it with your laptop. So, start your day with a blast with this unique time bomb alarm clock.


Design: Time Bomb Shape

Display: Shows 24 hrs format

Rechargeable Battery Built-In

Can be rechargeable using USB power cable

Material: Plastic Paper Board Roll

Package Includes: 1 x Digital Defuseable Bomb Alarm Clock , 1 x USB charging cable , 1 x User Manual

Caution: Do not use for prank

  • Brown
Clock Type:
  • Digital Clock
  • LED Clock
  • Table Clock

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