Donut Travelling Charge Station Turquoise

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The donut AC charger is a boon for those who like their electronic devices organized and charged! Uniquely shaped with a modern design, the donut charges is one of the best adapters/ chargers out there. This funky charger is made to please the eyes while charging and powering devices. Just turn the donut to transform it into an adapter. The brightly colord donuts are immediately noticeable and easy to find. Thoughtfully designed mechanisms allow it to smoothly turn and change shape. The donut charger consists of 2 USB ports, 1 type C 3.0 port, 1 European and 1 American adapter type adapter. The USB ports allow you to charge your smartphone or tablet through a USB charging cable. The Type 2 3.0 ports can also be an alternative for these devices. Furthermore, a European and an American socket adapter come in really handy then travelling. The charger/ adapter is made with a combination of tough glue PC and fire redundant material. Rubber plugs help keep the ports dust free. Additionally, a rubble oil coating ensures that the charger is shock proof, has a soft grip and does not heat up. It is compact enough to fit in any travel bag and is ideal while on a journey. The donut AC socket charger/ adapter is a go to option for student as it will save them a lot of charging time!

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