Folding Corn Umbrella

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The corn umbrella is exactly the sort of umbrella that will save you from all the hassle on a rainy day. On first impressions, it is difficult to make out that it is an umbrella. Once you lift the corn cover, the actual umbrella is revealed. This creative take on a boring design gives it an added appeal. The yellow color pops out from a distance and looks adorable when the umbrella is opened or covered. Each corn grain looks realistic and ready to eat! What makes it more interesting is the creative liberty taken while designing the frame and overall selection of materials used. A fiberglass frame that is coated with stoving varnish gives it strength and durability. The metal connections and ribs can stay rust free because of the coating. Since wind is an important factor to consider while buying an umbrella, we’ve taken care of it too. The frame can withstand strong gusts without bending easily. Rain-proof and ultraviolet-proof fabric used is made with high quality waterproof polyester. All these features combines with a fantastic design makes it an ideal gift item. May it be a hot sunny day or a wet windy one, you can rely on the corn umbrella to do the job of sheltering you!

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