Furry Couples Handcuffs

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Once in a while every couple feels the urge to show each other how much they love each other, in a rather kinky way. These faux covered red handcuffs are the perfect start to a beautiful evening. Creating a romantic mood can sometimes get tricky, especially when the guy or girl doesn’t pick the hint. The handcuffs are a bold sign that something special is about to happen. The handcuffs are covered in fluffy faux fur and the red color brings out the passion. The cuffs are made of lightweight metal and therefore not too harsh to wear. It comes with a set of keys and a safety release if you lose any of the keys. Ideal for creating an erotic atmosphere, the handcuffs are a must have for role play. If you like playing pranks on your buddies, just send them a pair of these for Valentine’s Day! It is a perfect gift for your loved ones on those special days when you want to have some ‘fun’.

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