Iron Man 3D Plastic Tea Coffee Mug

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The avengers without the Iron man is like a cake without icing. The multimillionaire genius who’s been the favorite marvel hero for all the fans. The coolest part is when Tony Stark gears up for some action and puts on the invincible suit. This iron man helmet mug is indeed the thing to own if you’re a superhero fan. The Mug captures all the small details of the actual helmet. The cherry red and yellow combination gives it a realistic effect. White glowing eyes along with the black details make it more appealing to look at. Made with ABS and PP plastic, the mug has a glossy finish, much like shining metal. It has a flip top so you can keep your drink warm till the next sip. The plastic is heat resistant and can carry boiling hot beverages in it. And, you don’t have to worry about knocking it over as the Iron man mug is strong like the superhero. The Mug can hold 380 ml of coffee or tea in it, a generous quantity! The mug is a perfect collection item and an equally perfect present for your kids, family or friends.


Shape: Iron Man

Color: Dark Red

Volume: 380ml

Material: High Quality Plastic

Product Dimension: Height: 14cm, Top Length: 13cm, Bottom Length: 12cm, Length with Handle: 18cm, Width: 8.5cm

Package Includes: 1 x 3D Iron Man Plastic Mug

Note: Wash Thoroughly before it use


  • Red
  • Plastic

Arrived just in time for christmas. Looks exactly like the picture, The colors are very vibrant and looks like it will stay colored for a long time. Looks like it will hold a lot of liquid too, but i wasnt able to test mine since it was a gift.
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