Lens Projection Alarm Clock

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The camera lens alarm clock is the perfect go to item if you like being woken up the good old fashioned way. Since the introduction of smartphones, alarm clocks have lost their charm mainly because of their boring design and features. This camera lens alarm clock is quite the opposite. It is equipped with LED lights, music and a bunch of time/date features. What makes it unique is the realistic 3D lens design. Tiny details along with the glass projection lamp makes it difficult to distinguish it from a real DSLR lens. The lens projects mesmerizing stars and planets on the wall of a dark room when switched on. The different colors create a magical experience when combined with the soft music that the clock plays. It’s the perfect way to go to bed and enjoy a peaceful slumber. Made with ABS plastic, the alarm clock is very durable. The clock itself comes with a number of different time and date options. 12 and 24 hour format time display, temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, date display to name some. The clock is also equipped with a snooze button, so you don’t have to depend on your smartphone anymore to wake up. It’s a great collectible for photography enthusiasts and can be a really cool gift for friends or family.

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