LeoSpark Electric Heating Blanket Single Bed (Navy Blue Fleece)

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* Can Operate on normal 220V AC power as well as Inverter/UPS.

* Selectable temperature settings range: High, Medium & Low.

* Safe-tested and Teflon Insulated heating element used.

* Very low power consumption: approximate King Size Double: 160W Double 140W Single

King Size : 80W, Single: 70W, and Baby:40W.

Instruction for Use:

* Please use it as an under-blanket by evenly spreading it over the mattress without anf fold and covering it with a bed sheet. No portion of the blanket should be put under the pillow.

* For maximum comfort, please pre-heat the blanket by switching it "ON" around one hour before going to bed and setting the temperature range at High/Maximum.

* While Sleeping, you may set the temperature range at Low/High as per your body requirement and later switch it "OFF" with the setting regulator provided.


* Switch 'OFF' before sleeping.

* Do not use pins to avoid damage to the heating element etc.

* Do not wash/ dry-clean the blanket. Use a cover to maintain its cleanness.

* For any signs of wear/damage, get the blanket inspected by the supplier periodically.

* Do not mishandle the blanket and avoid its frequent folding, squeezing and stretching.

Electric Heating Blanket Woolen

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