Magic Diamond Projection Lamp Earth

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Night lamps have the ability to create a beautiful aura in a room and if you’re a planet lover, the earth projection lamp is for you! This handy lamp projects fantastic images in a 360° view. The lamp comes packed with features and this makes it an ideal lamp for a bedroom or your living room. Angled glasses on the image of the earth make projection possible. All you have to do is load the film you wish to project and switch on the lamp. A brilliant panoramic view covers all directions. The lamp light has 3 color options like white, blue and yellow. The brightness can be adjusted according to the mood. The options are 100%, 50% and 5%. It can be powered by a USB charging cable or 3 X AA batteries in case you’re camping or travelling. The Lamp can easily create a peaceful atmosphere by projecting stars, planets, underwater scenes and so much more. Made of black colored plastic, the lamp gives a seamless and smart user experience, also making it durable. This is the ideal gift for kids as their imagination can get going when they see these beautiful light!

  • Blue
Light Color:
  • White

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