Magnetic Metal Decorative Katana Bookends

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Ever thought of stepping up your book organizing game? Well, the samurai sword book holder is exactly the thing you’re looking for! Book shelves not only look boxy but also have something monotonous about them. Either made out of wood or metal, they often don’t get the sort of attention they deserve. The samurai sword book holder is a creative take on the conventional shelf. A simple idea that uses magnets to achieve a magical effect. All you have to do is place the brackets such that the book covers hide them. Then, place the hilt of the katana on the first book and the blade itself on the last book of the set. Viola! You have yourself a set of books that are held in place by a katana. The illusion is prominent as the design is seamless and elegant looking. The slicing effect is enhanced by the attention to detail as the katana looks pretty realistic. The brackets are made of steel and the two connections have strong magnets that allow everything to stay in a sturdy position. This is indeed a creative way to organize your books, all while making it look super cool. May it be comics, novels or even DVDs for that matter, the samurai word is ready to ‘slice’ them all! So, gift your friends or colleagues this brilliant katana book handle and watch their face light up as they see the illusion for themselves.

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