Multi-Functional Clever Food Cutter Chopper

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ooking good food often comes with the tedious task of cutting, chopping and slicing things. This can turn into a long and frustrating process if you’re not an expert with knives. If you wish to cook efficiently and quickly, the clever vegetable chopper is an exciting new alternative to a standard knife. This will not only make chopping and cutting easier, but also make cooking more fun! The chopper uses the natural movement of scissors and converts it into a chopping motion. The blade facing the top is made of high quality stainless steel. This gives it a sharp cutting edge and prevents it from any water damage (dishwasher friendly). The bottom of the cutter is basically a scaled down chopping board. This unique combination of blade and chopping board gives you perfectly sized dices and juliennes every time. As it is shaped like a pair of scissors, the chopper takes very little force to use. It also comes with a safety lock which prevents unwanted cuts and accidents. A bonus knife and an English cookbook is included in the set. This gives you the basics to get started with your chopper and turn into a pro in no time. It includes delicious recipes which you can make with your knife replacement vegetable chopper. Lastly, it is an ideal gift for friends or family and introducing them to smarter cooking solutions.

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