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If you or your baby have been bitten by a mosquito, then you know how irritating and distressing it can be. A good night sleep is what you wish for after a tiresome day, and it can be aggravating when a tiny mosquito ruins it! Or if you have a baby, then a mosquito bite will definitely leave your child in pain and uncomforted. If this bothers you, then this classic mosquito net is the best options out there. Made with spring steel technology, the net automatically pops up and instantly morphs into a mosquito net. A deep slumber is necessary for a good start in the day, but in a tropical country, it is seldom possible that the mosquitos will leave you sleepless and cranky. Same goes for your baby, as a bite can cause lots of irritation to their soft and delicate skin. The net is a more viable option because mosquito repellant creams contain many chemicals which can harm your skin. The mosquito net is big enough to cover any bed size and sets up in the blink of an eye. It comes in a portable storage bag and folding the net is as easy as setting it up! The zipper gates on the entry and exit make it more convenient and safe to set up. So, cherish your sleep without any irritability or soreness from nasty mosquito bites, with this ingenious mosquito net!

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Very useful product and good quality.
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