Portable Padlock Multipurpose LED Desk Lamp

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Night lamps come in a variety of designs but what makes this lamp special is that it is multifunctional. The padlock lamp is a combination of a night lamp, piggy bank and a wall lamp. Shaped like a padlock, the translucent body helps keep the brightness to the correct level. The white LEDs emit a soft white light that does not strain the eyes. Just like a lock, you can unlock the lamp. A flexible metal goose neck lets you bend the lamp in any way you want. You can twist it and place it as a showpiece, bend it to light your keyboards or just leave it locked to behave like a normal night lamp. A durable ABS plastic body makes the whole lamp robust. Something interesting about the lamp is that you can detach it to store some stationary or coins! It’s a boon for kids as they’ll love playing around with their personal piggy bank that lights up. In case you live in a house with long hallways and dark corners, just hang the light on the wall to light up the area. Perfect for use by kids, students and adults, the padlock night lamp will certainly help you get some good night shut eye.

  • Red
Light Color:
  • White

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