PS4 Controller Silicon Case

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Gaming has improved in leaps and bounds across the years, and so have the consoles and controllers. With improved technology comes the responsibility of keeping it in the best condition to ensure a long life. The PS4 controller cover is one such item that will help you maintain your controller in their original condition. The silicone cover is soft, thin and has a great grip for a better gaming experience. Since the silicone used is of high quality, it minimizes sweat and lets you enjoy your game for longer hours. It comes with precisely cut button, joystick and key slots that snuggly fit around them. This is important because it does not compromise with how you’re used to playing originally. It also ensures that your wireless controllers can be charged without removing the skin. Apart from these features, the silicone cover is a brilliant dust resistant material and can keep dust off the surface pretty efficiently. Also, the vibration effects in dualshock controllers is retained, giving you better judgment in action and shooting games. It is truly a gamer’s dream as it prevents scratches and fingerprints from ruining your controller!

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