Redneck County Fair Mason Drinking Jar

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Mason jars have come a long way since the old times and they’ve taken a funkier role in recent times. The jars are well recognized for their traditional shape and have become a trendy option to have a drink in. A tinge of beautiful colors make the mason jars look magical and adding a handle takes it to another level all together. You can still call it a jar because it comes with the authentic lid. Simply adding a glass handle and a straw hole transforms it from a boring jar to a fancy mug. The drinking Mason jar is an ideal container to make and serve your drinks in. Embossed graphics and words on the jar give it a wholesome feel when holding it, not to mention how cool it looks! The size of the jar lets you experiment with a lot of cocktails and mocktails. Mojitos, beer, sangrias and lemonade just to name a few. A colorful spiral straw passes through the lid, making sure you finish your drink without any spills or messy leaks. The Mason jar mug can be an addition to your bar collection or steal the show at a wedding. A funky gift for friends and family, the jar will surely bring smiles to their faces.

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