Rolling Innovative Kitchen Circular Knife

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If you like using new and innovative kitchen tools or gadgets, the bolo rolling knife is exactly the thing you’re looking for. It combines man’s two most revolutionary inventions, a knife and a wheel. The Bolo rolling knife makes use of a revolutionary knife improvement that replaces the conventional cutting action with a smooth, rolling one. Many chefs and engineers have come together to design this patented rolling knife to offer a streamline cutting action on both sides. The orthodox cutting action of a regular knife seldom allows freedom and speed. High quality bearings supporting the circular knife allows it to cut in both directions, front and backwards. This reduces your cutting time in almost half and gives you added precision. The knife itself is made of superior quality steel, which allows it to last longer and sharper. A plastic and silicone grip gives you a natural holding position, which allows a continuous chopping or slicing experience. As an added safety, the thumb grip prevents your hand from slipping. You can use it to chop, cut, dice, mince or slice any food you like. It can be a good gift to introduce your friends and family to a better and efficient way of prepping.

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