Roulette Drinking Game

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Roulette is one of those games which can really push your luck to the limit. A game which gets your heart throbbing and gives your body an adrenaline rush! This drinking roulette game combines drinking and fun in one small package. The turntable mimics the design of a real one perfectly. It is provided with 16 slots to hold 16 small glasses. Just turn the handle and throw in the metal ball provided with the kit. The slot decides which player drinks what! These glasses are stripped as either black or red, so that you can pour different drinks of your choice. May it be truth or dare, rolling wine or any other drinking game, this roulette game will double the excitement! A perfect reason to drink and enjoy with your friends, drinking roulette is the ideal game choice.

  • Black
  • Transparent
  • Glass
  • Plastic

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